• WOMAN.
  • Daughter (most importantly of a King).
  • *Pick the best adjective depending on the day a)struggling b)loving c)eternally improving* Wife and Mother.
  • Sister (Biological to one amazing woman and by choice to other equally amazing inspiring women).
  • Christian- Washed by the blood of Jesus, believer of his might, witness to his mercy.
  • Eternal optimist, despite ongoing storms.
  • Development person by trade (all this means is I work delivering social projects on justice, preventing and adressing gender based violence and strengthening human rights. And yes, they pay me to do this awesome stuff!)
  • Experimental cook, wanna-be paintor and writer.
  • Clumsy tennis player, eventual spinning and yoga part-taker.
  • From El Salvador. Biligual, but mostly spanglish.
  • BLESSED-in every possible way

**UPDATE as of August 2017: Blind on the left eye due to the sudden onset of disease, but have since activated the eyes of the heart and hence, I can see better than ever. With good prognosis of eventual physical recovery after surgery.

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