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I was born from tragedy. From disease that strikes from nowhere, a sudden attack of blindness and pain. At least this is what you would first think if you saw me. And yet, it’s far from this. I was conceived from love alone (especially crafted in the heart of God). I was dreamed of for years and never came about. Until now. It took a “situational earthquake” for me to come to life. If I was a picture, I’d be the (apparently) random flower that grows in between paving stones. Unlikely, yet possible. A beautiful reminder of life possible despite hardheartedness . If I had a name, I’d call myself Faith (or Purpose, if that is a woman’s name).

I am here to start a conversation. One on hope, trials, and hope and love (yes, hope intentionally written twice). I am by no means THE conversation. I am only the glimpse of what I could be, the tip of an iceberg, a brewing sisterhood beneath us.  I long we take the form of coffees in a terrace, hot cocoas and heart to hearts. Maybe become prayer sisters, prayer warriors, why not? Let’s navigate the uncertain, walk (limp or sprint) forwards together, share stories, inspire each other as women of faith (or looking for faith despite the circumstances). For there is purpose behind the madness, a lesson awaiting at the corner of every bad turn, growth in every trial we face.

Because “we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28 NIV). So let’s love him and find this purpose together!

In love, hope and expectation,

This blog (or Faith, or Purpose if that is a woman’s name) 😉

7 thoughts on “This blog

  1. mi querida Gracia..con el carino de siempre le he seguido de cerca su recuperacion, sin dudar alguna vez que Dios tiene propositos maravillosos para tu vida..patty echeverria

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