ON BEING REAL (or a real pain some days!)

´The devil is in the details´ some say. This couldn’t be truer in my life today. All this to say, the last days have had their own struggles. Nothing major, that´s what’s interesting! No random disease that strikes from nowhere anymore. In fact, it’s the little everyday complexities of trying to do it all (part-timer at work, mum, wife, daughter, part-taker in the holiday cheer, etc., etc.), in other words, trying to live life as it used to be before all this happened, that’s got me all tangled in a knot!

Shut Out the Noise!

During one of the darkest moments of my eye disease- whilst in Africa- I had to be rushed to the hospital with unbearable pain. When we arrived at the hospital, we were directed to the waiting area. That’s when I heard it! As I focused on the pain, I heard possibly the scariest sound ever...

The Power to Tell Our Story

The Power to Tell Our Story: Fast forward this story 11 years. I´m traveling back to Ghana for the wedding of amazing friends. And this time, it´s even more exciting: my husband is coming too and we are not on a student budget! I take a picture of us happily setting off (picture above), interestingly the last one on my phone before all hell breaks loose.

This blog

I was born from tragedy. From disease that strikes from nowhere, a sudden attack of blindness and pain. At least this is what you would first think if you saw me. And yet, it's far from this. I was conceived from love alone (especially crafted in the heart of God). I was dreamed of for years and never came about. Until now. It took a "situational earthquake" for me to come to life. If I was a picture, I'd be the (apparently) random flower that grows in between paving stones. Unlikely, yet possible. A beautiful reminder of life possible despite hardheartedness . If I had a name, I'd call myself Faith (or Purpose, if that is a woman's name).